Distribution, Soccer, and Jim Beam

Greetings from Greenpoint, where we’re celebrating the US Womens’ World Cup win and fending off the elements at gunpoint in our cool new kicks:


All is groovy here at the office, where we’re currently planning our inaugural team offsite, full of sappy team bonding activities and important branding discussions. Also, we now have sweatshirts with our new logo printed on them, so we’re feeling pretty darn legit.

On to the #content:

Sometimes in Pays to Pay-to-Play

Let’s talk about paid distribution for a moment. Social media is a constantly changing beast with all kinds of shifting best practice ideas. One thing is clear, though: in order for your content to reach its desired audience on social, most brands need to invest in some paid distro. And it’s very easy to waste a boatload of money if you do it wrong.

So how do you make sure you’re doing it right? Good distribution is all about active management of the content. Your audience can’t get bored, which means you need to constantly tweak the mix of content, A/B test headlines and images, and experiment with which platform works best for your specific brand of storytelling. It’s a lot of work, but when you get it right, the ROI can be jaw-dropping. One client, a B2B pharmaceutical distributor, consistently delivers 400 highly qualified leads per month through a combination of Facebook and Outbrain. And an NYC-based real estate company we work with has closed over $1 million in business driven by their content on Linkedin.

So, by all means, continue to organically post away in your feeds -- but to truly scale social content, it’s hard to avoid getting into the pay-to-play game.

Sales pitch: If you’re thinking of getting into paid distribution, we can help. Give us a shout at hello@lhchq.com.

Some (high paying) jobs

TCS North America is looking for a CMO. We don’t have a link to share, but interested (and qualified) parties can email us.

GoDaddy needs a Brand Social Media Marketing Director. If you’re a social content guru dying to work for the largest cloud platform that powers independent ventures, apply here.

Spectrum is looking for a Director of Brand Marketing, Media. If you’re ready to lead the cable and phone service’s brand positioning, messaging, and identity, apply here.

Things are happening

1. A fire burned through a Jim Beam factory in Kentucky, lighting 45,000 barrels of bourbon ablaze. A local fire official told the NYT “It’s about the best-smelling fire I’ve ever been at.”

2. There’s a limited edition Seinfeld 30 box of Junior Mints available now.

3. Cannes is over, and apparently every single event talked about 5G, despite the fact that “no one in marketing actually knows what 5G is or how it works or what difference it will make to society, business or anything else.”

4. This beautifully absurd ad from three years ago has gone viral. We bet you can’t guess the brand its for until the end reveal.

5. Reservations for Taco Bell’s hotel sold out in two minutes. They’re all Sam’s wedding guests.

6. A man was told he couldn’t bring a beer can on an airplane with him (because no one can), so he decided to check it. We can’t help but wonder how drinkable it was after bouncing around in the hot luggage carriage, but hey, live your truth, sir.

What we're listening to


This epic, genre-bending quartet rose to fame for their work on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. They live somewhere in a world between gypsy punk, indie rock, and dark cabaret music, employing beats an influences from all over the world spanned over just about every instrument you can imagine. Their latest album This Night Falls Forever is a journey you can dance along to and feel all kinds of emotions along with. Listen to it here.

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DeVotchKa quote for the week:

We’ve got all the time in the world to kill
And we’re just empty vessels for the words to fill