Moscow, Google, and August Vacations

Greetings from Greenpoint and Moscow, where we’re only eating food that is certifiably Instagram-worthy:

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Headquarters are sparse these days as quite a few of us are gallivanting around other parts of the country and the world, but such is the beauty of the remote work economy. It does mean that some of us have to stay up past our bedtime to join company calls, but we’re nothing if not adaptable.

On to the #content:

Summer lovin'

Summer is beginning its decline, Mercury is finally almost out of retrograde, and we’re entering a strange few months for marketers. August is when everyone and their dog goes on vacation, and it sometimes feels like our industry grinds to a screeching halt starting around July 25th. And while it may feel like a time to relax and settle into the end of summer, it’s really the calm before the storm that is September-onward.

As far as the marketing world is concerned, October might as well already be 2020 with the amount of planning and future-gazing involved. Everyone’s scrambling to meet Q4 and year-long budget goals, which means September is a big crack down, get shit done month. It’s almost as if September is the last real month of 2019, so if there are big gaps in any projects or deadlines floating out there, the time is nigh to hop to it. It’s way too hot to imagine that soon we’ll soon be inundated with Halloween and then Holiday Shopping Szn, but it’s going to happen before we know it. So enjoy your month of relaxation before all end of year hell breaks loose.

Some (high paying) jobs

Google is looking for a Content Strategist and Writer in Mountain View, CA or NYC, and if we were you we would not pass up the opportunity for those bomb lunches and nap pods. If you think you’re the next addition to the tech giant’s team, apply here.

PR agency Hunter needs an Events, Experiences, & Content Manager to jump on board their team. The right candidate should be interested in food & beverage and lifestyle, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and expertly, and will have a strong knowledge of pop culture trends. If this sounds like you, apply here.

Facebook (you know the one) is looking for a Programming and Content Strategy Lead to manage video content to maximize consumer engagement and build audience. The position can be based out of LA or NYC, so if this sounds like your jam, apply here.

Things are happening

1) The more jaded marketing vets among us were convinced that the mysterious In-N-Out Burger incident was an advertising ploy. Said jaded marketing vets now owe the rest of us $20.

2) Modern consumers are looking for transparency.

3) A case for meaningful content as opposed to the “just show up” mentality.

4) “The apple industry of the future ‘is going to be a world of managed brands, just like the soup aisle or the potato chip aisle or any other aisle.’” #AppleSpotting

5) Hottest collab of the summer is coming soon to our office snack drawer.

6) Lori Loughlin is Forbidden From Playing Lori Loughlin in the Lifetime Movie Definitely Not Based on Lori Loughlin. We’re OOO at the casting call.

What we're listening to

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 9.57.36 AM.png

Cancer season drew to a close last week so to honor it, we’ve been listening to the croonings of cancer queen Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. The wide-reaching phenomenon of their mid-90s hit single “Fade Into You” is not lost even on our Gen Z intern, or our resident bros. So to this tweet we say, “Close but no cigar. We do in fact listen to Mazzy star.”
(Note: we didn’t mean for that end quip to rhyme but we don’t hate that it does.)

Silver jews (ahem, Purple Mountains) quote of the week:

When you’re seller and commodity /
You’ve got to sell yourself immodestly

Have a great week everyone!