Liquid Death, Twitter, and Thoughts of Sauce

Greetings from north Brooklyn, where it's springtime, and our thoughts have naturally turned to sauce:

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Other than all of the sauce we’re making, we’ve had an exciting week. We moved offices (after just painting the floor in our old one, we know, we know) -- but the new one has a mini park view and brand new flowers. Our mini fridge and succulents came with, obvi.

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On to the #content: 

It's time to re-think the word "content"
Remember how we retired the word “digital” when it started to encompass too many ideas? The time has come to do the same with “content.” Every brand--heck every person--creates content or engages in content marketing in some way these days. And hey, we think that’s a great thing, but like “digital,” it’s become unclear what “content” even means anymore. It’s time to stop throwing “content” around when you want to sound impressive and get specific.

As Tara Marsh puts it, when most brands look for content, what they really want is experience. Experience -- the melding of the service, product, and messaging of a brand -- is what consumers really look for. And the content they want is marketing that proves and reassures them of your experience. 

Can we expect to see more jobs with “experience” in the title, the way LinkedIn and Indeed are currently flooded with “content” openings? Possibly. Let’s try not to oversaturate that one in the lexicon, too.  

Some (high paying) jobs
Chase Wealth Management, a division of Chase Bank, is looking for a VP of Integrated Marketing and Content Strategy. Strategic marketers looking to integrate marketing and content strategy can apply here.

Twitter (you may have heard of it) needs a marketing manager for insights-driven narrative and content. Have ideas for global campaigns the social giant should consider? Tell ‘em about them here.

Revlon is looking for an associate director of digital content and social. If you have a keen eye for beauty marketing and digital content, apply here

Things are happening

1. Liquid Death is literally water -- we repeat, water -- in a tallboy can marketed towards straight-edge punks. We hope the team is at least aware of the irony that water is the most life-giving liquid out there, but anyway. The former Netflix creative director behind it was funded $1.6 million, and we’d like to know where we went wrong in not thinking of this before him. 

2. Speaking of Netflix, the streaming mogul is opening an NYC production hub to compliment their LA headquarters, and predicts to create thousands of jobs for media creatives in the city.

3. Within 50 years, there will likely be more dead people on Facebook than alive users, making the site potentially the first digital ghost town. The site recently updated measures to be more conscious of what happens when a user passes away, but only time will tell how Zuck would react to most profiles belonging to the deceased. 

4. Dr. Draper made an honestly iconic playlist for anyone who works in a creative agency.

5. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more intense for the wildlife down under, Australia is dropping poisonous sausages from planes to kill feral cats.

6. Coca-cola has added the word “enjoy” to its packaging for the summer. We presume they’d still like you to enjoy the soda in the wintertime.

7. Dior rolled out some futuristic pop-up stores full of ultra-sleek interiors, minimalist design, and large robot women standing guard outside. Do they look a little bit like haute couture designed for the AI in Ex Machina? A little, but we’re into it.

What we're listening to
Hiatus Kaiyote’s “Choose Your Weapon” remains one of the most unique and engaging albums we as a collective office have heard. On low-ish volume, the jazzy vocal lines, smooth beats, and homages to nature are perfect music to work to. Turn it up when you want to be totally transported by musical lines that change in the most delicious way at every turn. Listen here.

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Silver Jews quote for the week:

"In 27 years, I've drank 50,000 beers /
and they just wash against me, like the sea against a pier"

Have a great week everyone!