Influencers, James Bond, and Tinder for Cows

Greetings from Greenpoint, where it's #nationalloveyourpetday, which is not an official day off for the members of LHC who are not pets. The pets however, are chillin. 

Excitement continues round LHCHQ, where we're psyched for the end of winter as portended by a groundhog, but even more excited that our erstwhile content strategist Tallie's band has their first single on Spotify, not to mention a monthlong residency at one of the cooler clubs in the East Village. Some of us have talent! 

On to the #content: 

Today in What Are People Lying About on Social Media This Time? we present to you influencers, or more likely wannabe influencers, posting fake sponsored ads on Instagram. Gone are the days when partnering with a brand meant selling out; now, it’s a coveted status symbol which, it turns out, is pretty easy to recreate. #ad

Though the Federal Trade Commission purportedly has rules in place to ensure that followers know when influencers’ posts are being paid for, a billion some-odd Instagram users are not that easy to regulate. And now that information about just how much influencers are paid per post is widely accessible, Insta sponsorships have turned into the ultimate social media status symbol.

Honestly, it’s not that hard to do. If you look at enough paid posts you’ll start to notice a formula, or script that influencers follow. Tag the brand in your post, throw their handle into your caption, and say something along the lines of “I love [x product] in [y time of year] because of [i, ii, and iii reasons].” Influencers are supposed to use #ad or mark that the post is a paid partnership in the location block above the image, but plenty of them just...don’t, who who would be the wiser? Close out with a question for your followers or other engagement CTA, and you’re Gucci. (At least, fake Gucci.)

unnamed (1).png

Naturally, these fake posts frustrate brand spokespeople and actual influencers, both canine and human. Not only does it make it harder for brands to know who’s legit, but the promotional market is becoming over-saturated. Some influencers are noticing a pay cut as up-and-coming influencers will promote a brand’s product for a fraction of their price, or simply for the exposure. Which is why when we start promoting Fit Tea in this newsletter, you might want to think twice about why.

Some (high-paying) jobs

Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North America is seeking a Strategic Communications Advisor and Press Secretary. Which seems like basically you'll be James Bond's PR flack? 

Show Score, which is like Rotten Tomatoes but for theater, is looking for a Theater Marketing Manager. The site lets users review and book tickets to shows in New York, so if you love live drama and are looking to move into a fast-paced role, this one’s for you. 

WeWork is hiring a VP of Learning Content and Delivery to join their team. If you’re an expert in content creation, learning techniques, and team training, this has your name all over it. 

Things are happening

1) The Westminster Dog show has turned into a social media phenomenon, a fact that should surprise no one who uses the internet. Adweek takes us through how social media agency Glow built a 57,000+ follower-fueled Instagram account (and 54,000 follower Twitter page). 

2) From Contently, a day in the life of a Content Marketing Editor. Not nearly enough arguments about stock image choice and appropriate number of puns per paragraph for our taste but to each their own. 

3) Brands are leaning into Black History Month. What could possibly go wrong?

4) Chindogu is a Japanese movement based on the creation of bizarre, often comical, and always useless inventions. The 10 Tenets of Chindogu should be required reading for everyone, and are as close to words to live by as we've come across outside of Silver Jews lyrics. 

4) Tinder for cows.

5) A new app Actiview translates movies into American Sign Language in real time, which is one of the coolest things we’ve heard in a while. So far only the Julia Roberts/Jacob Tremblay film Wonder is available on the app, but all four Hunger Games films are set to be released soon, with more to follow.

6) Sorry, hopeful space explorers: Mars One has gone bankrupt after promising to settle a human colony on Mars but instead just taking peoples money and wasting it. At this point, we wouldn’t be that surprised if someone tried to sell a music festival on Mars.

7)  "Wielding rocks and knives, Arizonans attack self-driving cars." 

What we're listening to
Sammy Rae! The NY local mixes funk, soul, and amazing high energy into an epic groove fest. Sammy Rae and her band The Friends gig locally all the time, so if you happen to be in NYC, let us know when you’re going, we’ll totally be there.


Listen to them here.

Silver Jews quote for the week:

“A tale is told of a band of squirrels/
Who lived in defiance of defeat
They woke up to a nightmare world/
Of craven mediocrity”

Have a great week everyone!